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Safety Crypto Chain

Crypto Chain means blockchain technology, which is widely used in the crypto currency world. So what is this Crypto Chain or blokchain technology?

Blockchain or blockchain technology with its expression in Turkish, interconnected blocks are constantly growing in a transaction registry. These blocks, which are in the form of peer-to-peer loyalty, store transaction records in a warehouse called a digital ledger.

What Does Blockchain Mean?

Crypto Chain, or blockchain, has been passed to Turkish as blockchain or blockchain. Blockchain technology is based on the early 1990s. The work that started in those days laid the foundation for the formation of blockchain technology today.

As it is today, the first Blockchain is the same age as Bitcoin.  In 2008, when the calendars showed October 31, it was announced that there was still no person or group, using the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, using the slogan “Bitcoin: Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, and that its infrastructure was based on blockchain technology with a white paper of the same name.

Blockchain Working Principle

Blockchain has a fairly large workspace. Although blockchain technology is often remembered for cryptocurrencies, it is decentralless and centrally used by many industries. Blockchain technology is used in many areas of government, government, banks, smart contracts, notary and more. In this respect, blockchain technology has great potential. Blockchain technology  is decentralless. It is also a technology that creates admiration because it is un hackable and unstoppable. These features clearly show how accurate and safe it is to choose blockchain technology.

Is the Safety Crypto Chain?

The answer to the question is crypto chain safe? The use of this technology by many institutions and organizations, as well as governments and governments, clearly shows us that this technology is very safe. In addition, the features of this technology meet all necessary security measures. Therefore, all cryptocurrencies that use this technology are also safe. With this article, we tried to tell you how safe blokchain technology is. We hope it has been useful for you.



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